Grammar NotesTopic 7 Lesson 14 Business Trips

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1. V- て 〜年/〜か月に なります

L1 - 1 L3 - 1

Basic sentence

この 会社に 入って 10 年に なります

Kono kaisha ni haitte juu-nen ni narimasu.

It's been 10 years since I entered this company.


Used when talking about how much time has passed since starting something.


V-て ~年

Example sentences

  • 日本語の 勉強を はじめて 1年に なります。

    Nihongo no benkyoo o hajimete ichi-nen ni narimasu.

    It's been one year since I started studying Japanese.

  • 日本に 来て 3か月に なります。

    Nihon ni kite san-kagetsu ni narimasu.

    It's been three months since I came to Japan.

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2.V-ても いいですか

L1 - 1 L7 - 1

Basic sentence

ペンを 借りても いいですか

Pen o karitemo ii desu ka.

May I borrow a pen?


Used when asking for permission.


V-て いいですか

Example sentences

  • A:すみません。入っても いいですか。

    A: Sumimasen. Haittemo ii desu ka.

    A: Excuse me. May I come in?


    B: Hai, doozo.

    B: Yes. Come in.

  • A:これ、日本語で 書いても いいですか。

    A: Kore, Nihongo de kaitemo ii desu ka.

    A: May I write this in Japanese?

    B:すみません、英語で おねがいします。

    B: Sumimasen, Eego de onegaishimasu.

    B: I'm sorry, but English please.


  • A. When you allow something to be done after being asked, the replies are as follows.
  • B.When you don't allow something to be done, the replies are as follows.

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