You are in an international exchange group. A member of the group, Ms. Akikawa, will get married next month. Today, you are meeting people at Mr. Yamanaka's house without Ms. Akikawa knowing. Let's plan what to do to celebrate Ms. Akikawa's wedding celebration.


  • Akikawa MamiAkikawa Mami
  • Yamanaka OsamuYamanaka Osamu
  • MarinaMarina
  • AntonioAntonio


  • speark47. Compliment a friend on his/her things
  • speark48. Talk about your things, saying when and from whom you got them
  • speark49. Talk briefly about the custom of present-giving in your country
  • speark50. Discuss what to do for a friend's celebrations
  • read51. Read a congratulatory message for a wedding
  • write52. Write a congratulatory message for a wedding
  • speark53. Thank someone for a present you receive