Topic 7

しゅっちょうBusiness Trips

Lesson 13

たなかさんに 会ったことが ありますI have met Mr. Tanaka before

  • speark33. Talk about someone visiting your office on a business trip and the date of his/her visit
  • speark34. Greet a visitor arriving at the airport
  • speark35. Check the hotel room and tell your visitor if it is OK
  • read36. Read a business trip schedule

Lesson 14

これ、 つかっても いいですかMay I use this?

  • speark37. Introduce your colleagues to a visitor
  • speark38. Ask to use things in the office
  • speark39. See a visitor off at the airport with some parting phrases
  • read40. Read a message from a colleague in the overseas office when you return home from a business trip