Topic 1

Please introduce yourself.

Topic 2

When is your favorite season?

Topic 3

Please recommend good places in Tokyo.

Hanayama NaokiHanayama Naoki

Where are interesting places in Osaka?

Yamanaka OsamuYamanaka Osamu

Topic 6

What are you eating? Please tell me.

Topic 9

What kind of presents have you received until now?

Watanabe MasashiWatanabe Masashi

Please talk about the present you got from your boyfriend.

Yasunaka RieYasunaka Rie

Let's use the Japanese in the drama!

In this drama, you're an employee at a Japanese company. On your days off, you participate in an international exchange group and have fun doing things with people from various countries. The people who were interviewed are waiting for you!!

You are the main character ! Challenge Drama