Topic 5

がいこくごと がいこくぶんかLanguage and Culture of Other Countries

Lesson 9

日本語は はつおんが かんたんですJapanese is easy to pronounce

  • speark20. Say what languages you have studied and when
  • speark21. Talk about foreign language you have studied
  • write22. Write down what languages you have studied and when
  • speark23. Ask someone for help to understand or to learn a foreign language / Respond to a request for help

Lesson 10

いつか 日本に 行きたいですI'd like to go to Japan some day

  • speark24. Talk about your involvement in the culture of another country
  • speark25. Offer help to someone with a problem / Accept an offer of help
  • read26. Read the program of an event