Topic 1わたしと かぞく

My Family and Myself

  • Talk briefly about where you/your family live and what you/they do
  • Say what language you speak with your family and friends
  • Talk about your hobbies

Topic 2きせつと てんき

Seasons and Weather

  • Talk about the change of seasons
  • Say what season you like and why
  • Greet people by talking about the weather
  • Start a conversation over the phone by talking about the weather

Topic 3わたしの まち

My Town

  • Tell a friend about a place/area of your recommendation, using a map of your town
  • Tell a friend what a place that he/she is interested in is like and what to be careful about, using a map
  • Tell someone how to get to a place nearby
  • Correct some information misunderstood by someone
  • Describe the features of buildings seen in the distance

Topic 4でかける

Going Out

  • Talk with a friend about the time and place you will meet
  • Apologise for being late and give a reason
  • Invite a friend to visit a place of your recommendation / Respond to an invitation
  • Say that you would like to drop by somewhere

Topic 5がいこくごと がいこくぶんか

Language and Culture of Other Countries

  • Say what languages you have studied and when
  • Talk about foreign language you have studied
  • Ask someone for help to understand or to learn a foreign language / Respond to a request for help
  • Talk about your involvement in the culture of another country
  • Offer help to someone with a problem / Accept an offer of help

Topic 6そとで 食べる

Eating Outdoors

  • Discuss what to take for a picnic
  • Ask/Say what specific food or drinks your friend/you would prefer for a picnic
  • Talk about food you don't know much about
  • Comment briefly on the taste of food
  • Offer a dish to your friends / Respond to an offer

Topic 7しゅっちょう

Business Trips

  • Talk about someone visiting your office on a business trip and the date of his/her visit
  • Greet a visitor arriving at the airport
  • Check the hotel room and tell your visitor if it is OK
  • Introduce your colleagues to a visitor
  • Ask to use things in the office
  • See a visitor off at the airport with some parting phrases

Topic 8けんこう

Staying Healthy

  • Ask a friend how he/she is feeling / Answer how you are feeling
  • Listen to/Say how to do some easy exercises
  • Suggest something good for the health
  • Talk briefly about what you usually do to stay healthy
  • Make a simple presentation about the results of a questionnaire

Topic 9おいわい


  • Compliment a friend on his/her things
  • Talk about your things, saying when and from whom you got them
  • Talk briefly about the custom of present-giving in your country
  • Discuss what to do for a friend's celebrations
  • Thank someone for a present you receive